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Energetic Sensitivity

That might be a new term to you. Here's a simple way to think about it:

Energetically sensitive people

see, hear, feel and/or sense


We see things others don’t see... hear what others don't hear... and may even have premonitions of upcoming events... for ourselves or the world at large. (We're also very likely to shut down in crowds of people or anyplace that's too noisy.)


Energetic Sensitivity is...

the awareness and experience of interacting 24/7

in a multi-dimensional world

of vibration and energy.

It is the ability (desired or not)

to perceive and respond (or perhaps react)

to the considerable volume of psychic energy

(aka subtle-etheric-intuitive information)

in the collective network.

Most of us who are energetically sensitive have been wired this way, from the start. We are about 25 to 30% of the population.

Sensitivity is actually a gift with many blessings. But unless or until one understands what it is, and develops the ability to manage and utilize it, sensitivity can feel much more like a burden.


Energetic overwhelm and psychic fatigue are the two most common challenges...


Here's the thing...


Our energetic sensitivity is DIRECTLY related to our intuitive receptivity.

Those of us who are more energetically sensitive are often more intuitive as well. It's part of our innate wiring, our natural skill set.

INTUITION is simply information or knowledge

gained without engaging the linear, logical mind.


Ways We Receive:

  • Clairaudience means inner hearing

  • Claircognizance means inner knowing

  • ​Clairsentience means we feel it - as emotion and/or as a bodily sensation

  • Clairvoyance means inner seeing

  • Direct thought impression is also known as telepathy

  • Empathic resonance is an emotional feeling quality, when we feel for and with another

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purple rain.jpg

Intuition Matters

As you've no doubt noticed... Energetic sensitivity and intuitive receptivity are very real for those of us who experience it, and often dismissed by those who do not. But that matters not. Trust your own direct experience. It is real. And there are plenty of others out here like you.

Plus, there are BIG benefits to knowing, owning, and cultivating your intuition. It can provide you with useful information about yourself, your relationships, your animal beloveds, and your finances. It can also clue you in about health matters, places, objects, and events. You can use your intuition to choose the right supplement, avoid dramatic blow-ups, or locate your keys. It can also (quite literally) save your life.

I was born this way...

While some come into their sensitivity as a result of trauma, most of us who are highly sensitive were born this way. I fall into that latter camp.

When I was a kid, I was always seeing and hearing things no one else did. And nobody wanted to hear about it. My friends were spooked by it, and my mother was terrified. All the while, I was being constantly bombarded by psychic input, and I didn't understand any of it. But there was one saving grace, something I learned early on...


Even though I was often by myself, I knew I was never alone. There was always something other, a loving presence if you will. I could always sense it, and still do.

I spent most of my school years unable to tell what was mine and what was not. So many thoughts, feelings, memories, and sensations that were not of me, but they were in me. It was very confusing, to say the least.


I had no clear sense of self. Around others, I would either disappear or try to copy someone else. The safest bet was to isolate myself - which I did, a lot. They called me shy, and that was true. But mostly, I was just totally overwhelmed.

Now I get it. I've spent decades honing my skills and abilities, and I've taught hundreds of workshops with energetically sensitive men and women. (I'm on a mission to make intuition easier.) I've learned to embrace energetic sensitivity and fully utilize it. It's a gift!


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