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Gift Certificates, Gift Cards, and Coupons

GIFT CERTIFICATE holders: We recently moved to a new platform for our website, and your Gift Certificate has been changed to a Coupon Code. It's pretty much the same thing, just a different label.

When you are Scheduling a Reading: after you select the date and time you want, click Next. That will take you to the page where you you enter your name, email, and phone number. Notice in the Service Details section there is a line that says "Add a promo code." Click on that text and enter THE SAME CODE that is on your gift certificate into that field. After you enter that string of 13 letters and numbers you will see the discount applied immediately to the Total just below. If you do not have that code, contact Lisa. She'll need the email of purchaser and date of purchase, and ideally a forward of your receipt email.

When you are signing up for an Insight Hour or Intuitive Talk: It's pretty much the same. After you select the quantity of tickets you want, and click the Checkout box, you will be routed to the page where you add your details - name, email, etc. Look for the box that says "Enter coupon code." On a desktop it's off to the right. On tablets and mobile, it's near the top. Enter THE SAME CODE that is on your Gift Certificate (again, it's 13 digits long - letters and numbers mixed). As soon as you enter the code and hit Enter the credit is applied.

We will be setting things up for you to purchase GIFT CARDS soon. Check back in a few weeks. If it's a time-sensitive purchase, contact Lisa. She will get you set up asap.

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