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Who’d a Thunk?!!

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Note: While this is my story to tell, I’ve changed the names of the other people involved to respect their privacy.

The first time I ever got a psychic reading I was working in an office with one of my best friends, Sally. We were enjoying our practice in the healing arts together. I was doing energy-work and hypnotherapy. She was doing massage therapy.

I was feeling stuck in my practice and unhappy in general, so I decided to have a psychic reading.

I had certainly heard of psychics (and I knew I was intuitive myself), but I’d never paid someone for a reading. However, I saw a psychic woman on television, and I noted that she often worked for the local police.

I felt compelled so I made an appointment. After all, she must be good if she worked for the police. And she was expensive.  Way back in 1990, she was charging $125 for twenty minutes. And I had to prepay about two weeks in advance.

Once I was sitting in front of her, I learned that I would not be allowed to ask any questions. Had I known this ahead of time I would not have booked the session. (I was full of questions!)

So I started out the reading feeling already disappointed – and also concerned about the money I’d already committed. Then she proceeded to “read” me.

She told me that she saw me working with a woman, and that I was going to be very unhappy. There were going to be lawyers involved, and financial problems. She said I would be the one most at risk, as I was the primary lease holder. She made it sound like this was written in stone and there was nothing I was going to be able to do to stop the train wreck. Suddenly my time was up, and I was told to leave.

Wow! I felt so ripped off. Nothing she said rang true to me at all. I could not relate to any of it. I loved Sally, and I totally trusted her. I figured I had wasted my money and that she was way off-base.

I thought about her words off and on over the next year – and mostly experienced them as a source of annoyance and confusion.

How did she get this stuff? And why? And why were my concerns not covered? She was $375 an hour and was so wrong!

Fast-forward about 11 months…

Sally and I met a woman, Maude. She appeared to be exactly what we’d been asking for. She had many years of experience in the healing arts, and she wanted a space from which she could offer classes. Sally and I had wanted classroom space, too – but we were on a very limited budget.

Maude convinced us to join her in a lease on a much bigger office, so we could all have our dream workplace. We were high on enthusiasm and the idea that this was the answer to our prayers. It all moved very fast. Both Sally and I saw Maude as a sort of spiritual elder. (We were both puppies, in our late 20s. Maude was in her 50s.)

Later, looking back, I realized later there had been a few “off” feeling vibes – but I charged forward, skillfully ignoring them. The three of us signed papers and made our commitments to one another.

Then, just 3 weeks later, Maude decided that the fact that Sally had a hereditary physical trait of small eyes meant she, as a soul, was unwilling to see… and therefore, Maude could not work with her as a business partner.

I kid you not, this was what Maude told me! Now, mind you… Sally’s eye size was the same as it had always been. But now, after contracts had been drawn up, she considered this just cause for her to try to sue us to break her agreement. Can you imagine!

Suddenly, a year after my reading, everything that psychic told me was coming true. What?!

Somehow, this scenario was there in my energy field clearly enough for her to see it… a full year before any of it happened.

The good news was that Maude had signed all kinds of documents saying she was sharing every expense equally, so our lawyer got us out of the contract easily.

That very first psychic reading continues to come to mind as something that initially seemed so totally wrong – but ended up being 100% accurate.

If you’d have asked me if I would recommend that reader after I left her office, I would have said no way! And now I am a professional reader myself. Go figure!

Timing Is Everything

Occasionally, I will get someone who disagrees with things I say. And that is okay. I have no need to be right. Me being right is not the goal of a reading. Providing helpful information and valuable insight regarding your questions and concerns is.

Today, after over 30 years of being a professional intuitive, I continue to wonder why I get what I get. And why I don’t get what I don’t get. Now, if I get a piece of information and my client feels it is wrong or off-base, I’ll go in again, and look at it deeper – or from a different angle. If I get the same thing, then I stick with it. Who knows, it just might make perfect sense a year or two later.

Here is a great example of what I’m talking about.

A while back, a friend called me asking about the sale of her house. I got a very specific date. I think it was June 27. It was as clear as anything can be. I saw the date and heard the date. Could not be more obvious.

Our conversation was March 1, and she had just put her house on the market. She was not happy with my answer, as she had hoped it would sell right away. But I just kept getting June 27 over and over as the sell date. (By the way, I do not often get exact dates or timelines, so when I do, I trust them. They are pretty much always accurate.)

But June came and went. My friend’s mother passed that same month, and her attention was understandably elsewhere. Her house remained listed till late summer, then she pulled it off the market. We both forgot about the reading.

Then, just over a year later, the house went back on the market – and when it sold on June 27 she looked up her old recording and there it was. She called me laughing and blown away. We had the right date, but the wrong year!

Over the years, I have received calls and emails (hundreds of them) from people I think I might never hear from again. These are the folks who it seemed like I was wrong about some bit of information in their reading. They circle back, saying “Yeah, I listened to that recording from our session back on… and as it turns out, you were right on.” (These folks are my most loyal clients, the ones who turned from skeptic to believer.)

Good To Know

Here’s a few things that I think are important to realize – and they’re not often said…

> No reader is 100% accurate. No one.

I cringe when asked how accurate I am. I don’t predict the future. I relay what I get. Is that accurate?! Or will that scene change?  It’s hard to say. Life does take left turns.

But I do know that I am accurate enough, often enough, that 95+ percent of my business is (and always has been) through personal referrals. Good old word of mouth, it’s the best.

It is possible that even the best or most experienced psychic could be right on for a whole bunch of information, but off the mark for other bits.

It happens. I don’t know why. You could be getting a reading from someone and maybe 80% (or more) could be totally accurate… they could be blowing your mind at the amount or depth of information they got on you, or for you… But that last 20% could be so off-base you’re rolling your eyes.

Maybe it remains so.

Or maybe, over time, it will look and feel different.

The bottom line is this: Take what fits, use what serves, and leave the rest.

(That actually applies to lots of life, doesn’t it?)

> We psychics get what we get, and most of us have little control over it.

Often, I get information that makes no sense, or is given in metaphors and even cartoons. But I have been at this long enough to trust myself as an accurate relay agent. I know how I work, and I am now confident that as I “get” information for someone, if they are willing to engage with me, more details and greater understanding will emerge.

As I see it now, I am grateful for that first psychic reading. Her emphatic declaration made no sense at the time. And I don’t see what I could have done differently such that it had never happened. All the decisions leading up to that moment made perfect sense at the time. But because of that reading, as the whole thing unfolded, I felt like I had some insight – and that gave me added strength to deal with it.

So, here’s the thing… and again, you may not hear this too often…

Suppose you have some question and take it to ten different readers. Seven of them might get something similar (within range of one another) – and the other three could be out there. Maybe even way out there. But each of them may have a part of it… a segment of the truth.

> It’s your job to take in your various inputs, and sort it out. Use your own inner wisdom and your own intuition in creating your personal meanings and understandings. Don’t let any psychic tell you what to do.

Now, if you do feel called to inquire with someone like me, please… Engage consciously and actively.

Ask what you want to, take what comes, and feel into it…

Listen with more than just your ears.

If they are any good at all, some of what they share with you will feel right and real. Some of what comes through should resonate and ring in your body a clear Yes!

If nothing at all resonates for you, it could be there was no connection, no link between the two of you. Find someone else.

Or, it could be you have to wait. Perhaps later, it could be months or even years later. Sometimes what seemed completely off might show up and surprise you later.

You see, psychics work in-between the worlds, in the realm of energy and vibration. It’s outside of time and space as we normally think of it. Information in these realms is not ABC, 1,2,3. We don’t have those 3-D linear time constraints. We’re operating in a much larger, multi-dimensional, subtle sphere. Kind of hard to describe, but still – very real.

One more thought to share…

> Before you go for your first (of 51st) reading, it’s best if you take a moment to clean and clear yourself of other people’s energy.

Most of us carry our concerns and desperate requests for our beloveds in our energy fields. To a reader, all of that – your family members, your worries and your fantasies – it’s all noise. And if there’s a lot of noise, it acts as energetic interference.

Your reader (and your reading) could very easily get confused. At the very least they’ll get bombarded. So, if you carry energy for others (and you know who you are…) center yourself before your reading. You’ll be doing yourself and your reader a favor. Thank you.

For more about this, see Cleaning & Clearing in my Shop.


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