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Intuitive Readings
with Jacquelyne Ellis


I've been working with men and women from all over the US, Canada, and Europe for over 30 years. It's my great honor to do this work. Intuitive readings are private and personal. Usually we meet by phone. 

If this is your first Intuitive Reading with me (or if it’s been a while), please take a moment to read this...

What you can expect in your reading with me:

After we say hello, I will step away from the phone for a brief moment to do my invocation and draw my focus and attention to you.

I am happy to look at probable future outcomes for you, and I can only do that by looking at the future through the present window. Simply put, I am not a fortune teller and I do not predict the future. But, we can certainly look at how things look from the present moment view - and whatever possibilities and probabilities are related to that.

I do not look for lost pets or lost objects. Here's why - lost pets only show me their current point of view, which is not always the most helpful. As for lost objects, there is not enough life force in objects for me to hook on to.

Here’s what I can do for you: I am able to understand and talk with you about your personal Akashic Records. I can easily get the themes and recurring patterns in your soul history. Together we can explore your past karma, your challenges, and what you are trying to learn in this lifetime.

I always ask for “a place to start.” The information that I am then given is almost always time-specific, so I will give that to you first. Then I will hand it over to you for your questions.

You can ask about anything - and you'll want to have some questions in mind. Often these dialogues are about work, business, or career as it relates to your visions and inspirations. And of course, we can always take a look at your relationships, past and present (with those still here and those who have passed).


Readings often focus on:

  • Body struggles

  • Finances

  • Your Kids

  • Work & Career

  • Past Lives

  • Animal companions


We can also look at your soul mate contracts, and any struggles you are bumping up against in your personal life. What do your different energetic bodies have to say about what’s going on?

In all of my readings, I aim to provide the soul plane point of view in a way that is very practical, useful, and down-to-earth.


I look forward to speaking with you!


If you want to pay with a Gift Certificate or Gift Card, click HERE for details.


Yes, you will get a recording.

Unless you tell me you don't want it, I will record our dialogue and send you an email with a link to a complimentary MP3 audio file you can download and listen to again, anytime. Those recordings usually go out within 72 hours. They come from (WeTransfer is the service we use to relay audio files.) 

The link to your recording will "time out" after 7 days. So you'll want to download the file soon after you get that email. If you are not seeing the email from WeTransfer, please check your Junk folder just in case it routed there. If you are not finding it anywhere, and it's over 3 days since your reading, please let me know and we will resend.


Note: I only retain archives on private readings for six months; after that they are gone.

I do not record Fast Pass readings (those are the 10-minute quickie readings, for urgent issues). You may want to be prepared to take notes.

We do our best to record and upload readings, but… Sometimes technology lets us down. If having a recording is important to you, please record our dialogue on your end also. Just set your phone to speaker and use any recording device. (Little mini recorders are fairly inexpensive, and they can also serve as a replay device if you do not have a computer to play an mp3 audio file.)

We no longer offer CD recordings by mail.

If your reading runs long - or if you are buying a Gift Certificate...

I always aim to start and stop on time, but occasionally it runs a little longer. If that's been the case for you, we've added this payment form to give you a way to cover the balance. You can also use this form to pay for a Gift Certificate.


Thank you for your payment.

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