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Insight Hours

Dip your toe in the water...

Insight Hours give you a direct experience of what this is all about. And it's super-cheap, only $20 per session. We start with a quick topic overview, then it's LOTS OF Q & A for one very dynamic hour!


8:00 AM Pacific/11:00 AM Eastern

60 minutes

Insight Hours.png
  • Soul Contracts & Agreements
    Mar 18, 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM PDT
    LIVE class (Zoom)
    Learn the difference and explore the most common sorts of soul contracts and agreements we make – with ourselves and others. Chances are, some of yours are complete and you can release them – and others you may want to renegotiate. Super-useful and good-to-know before you sign off on anything else.
  • Each Insight Hour is a mini-class with a specific focus - whatever the topic is for that day.

  • We meet LIVE (online via Zoom) for 60 minutes. (You can dial in if you prefer phone calls.)

  • I will walk you through the day’s topic highlights, then open it up for questions. (You will have a chance to raise your hand – or you can send me your question in advance.)

  • I keep each question and answer fairly brief, so we can cover as many as possible during the hour that we have together. (I do ask that questions be more general in nature, so as to be of potential interest and value for others. If you have more personal questions, please check out Intuitive Talks or schedule a reading.)

  • You’ll get all the connection details in your registration confirmation email, as well as a reminder email the day before your class. You’ll also get access to a recording of the class, after the class is over (within 24 hours).

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