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Nurturing Your Sacred Intuition

a deep-dive program for energetically sensitive women

You'll learn HOW TO...

  • Reduce Your Energetic Overwhelm

  • Alleviate Your Psychic Fatigue

  • Enhance the Quality & Quantity of Your Intuition

Includes LIVE Group Coaching with me EVERY WEEK. The entire program is self-paced, so you can go as fast or slow as you want. There are 29 Lessons grouped into 12 Learning Modules. Step-by-step, we’ll explore how energetic sensitivity works, and how you can make the most of yours. This is deep, empowering, and very practical learning. Plus you'll get personal feedback and coaching from me the whole way through.

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Over the course of 12 months you will:

  • Learn the GIFTS and BLESSINGS of your sensitivity – and how your unique mix of sensitivities impact your intuition and psychic abilities.

  • DEVELOP YOUR INNER RESOURCES so you can do proper self-care whenever you feel triggered, challenged, or overwhelmed.

  • Learn HOW to clean and mend your energy bodies so you can walk in the world with better boundaries intact.

  • Receive LOTS of tools & practices you can use to navigate out in the world as an energetically sensitive person.


What Women In the Program Are Saying

"If you are interested in knowing yourself better and putting the pieces together of your true nature, well then, this program is for you. It's easy to follow, and filled with helpful exercises to open the inner knowing that we all possess. Words cannot express my gratitude in finding Jacquelyne, this program, and the like-minded individuals that took this class with me."

J. C.

Especially for women who:
> Want to deepen their own psychic pathways and intuitive abilities
> Need ways to navigate with greater ease in this noisy, insensitive

> Feel challenged by ENERGETIC OVERWHELM and PSYCHIC FATIGUE Energetic overwhelm is one of the primary issues energetically sensitive people face. That's because our nervous systems can easily get over-amped. We are more strongly impacted than others by images, sounds, scents, chemicals, you name it. Energetic overwhelm is when we feel totally bombarded... too much light, too much sound, too many emotions (our own or others), too many ideas... TOO MUCH!!! Psychic fatigue is the other major issue we face. It's a bit different than physical, mental or psychological fatigue. It's what happens to us when we have too much coming at us FROM OTHER PEOPLE. We who are highly sensitive get a little drift off of everyone we come into contact with. We get a taste of their thoughts and feelings, a glimpse of their fears and obsessions, perhaps even a whiff of their addictions and their memories. Many of us know it - and even those who do not know what is happening are impacted by it.

Top 10 Benefits

  1. Reclaim your vitality from the people, places, and activities that drain you.

  2. Develop the gifts of your unique energetic sensitivity.

  3. End the isolation that is so common for us sensitive folks.

  4. Receive LOTS of personal attention, coaching, and support.

  5. Dramatically deepen your understanding of how energy works.

  6. Increase your ability to operate consciously in the subtle, vibrational worlds.

  7. Improve your relationships with everything and everyone.

  8. Enhance your effectiveness in your work – business – career life.

  9. Unload old baggage, thoughts, and feelings that are not serving you.

  10. Free your heart from illusions of obligation and responsibilities.

This program is NOT a good match for you if you do not feel challenged by energetic overwhelm or psychic fatigue, if you feel no need to increase your intuitive / psychic abilities, or if none of this is making any sense to you.




Module 1 - Energy Basics

  • Lesson 1: It’s ALL About energy

  • Lesson 2: Your Soul Essence

  • Lesson 3: Signs of Sensitivity

  • Lesson 4: Your Etheric Bodies


Module 2 - Intuition In a Nutshell

  • Lesson 5: Permission Granted

  • Lesson 6: Engaging and Experiencing


Module 3 - Energetic Sensitivity

  • Lesson 7: An Introduction to Energetic Sensitivity

  • Lesson 8: Emotional Sensitivity

  • Lesson 9: Physical Sensitivity

  • Lesson 10: Mental Sensitivity

  • Lesson 11: Spiritual Sensitivity


Module 4 - Challenges and Vulnerabilities

  • Lesson 12: Stress, Triggers, and Type

  • Lesson 13: Know Thyself


Module 5 - Caring for Your Etheric Bodies

  • Lesson 14: Energetic Debris

  • Lesson 15: Energetic Projections

  • Lesson 16: Building Your Self-Care Toolkit


Module 6 - The Gifts and Blessings of Sensitivity

  • Lesson 17: Recognizing Patterns and Potential

  • Lesson 18: Intentionally Receiving


Module 7 - Astral Realms & Paranormal Experiences

  • Lesson 19: The Astral Realms

  • Lesson 20 : They Call It Paranormal


Module 8 - Overwhelm and Fatigue

  • Lesson 21: Managing Energetic Overwhelm & Reducing Psychic Fatigue  


Module 9 - Traveling in the World as an Energetically Sensitive Person

  • Lesson 22: Before You Leave

  • Lesson 23: You’re Off!

  • Lesson 24: Returning Home


Module 10 - Resonance, Influence & Identity

  • Lesson 25: Thought Forms


Module 11 - Being of Service

  • Lesson 26: Multi-Dimensional Awareness

  • Lesson 27: Clarifying Your Contribution


Module 12 - Spiritual Support & Guidance

  • Lesson 28: Spiritual Support

  • Lesson 29: Spiritual Guidance and Direction

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2 Private Intuitive Readings/Coaching Sessions (30 Minutes each)

The program includes two 30-minute Intuitive Readings. The first will be when you are about midway through the program, and the second when you are getting closer to the end of the program. These are both 1:1 sessions, just you and Jacque. These sessions are included in the program at no additional charge. ($240 value)

Forgiveness (PDF + MP3)
Explore forgiveness… from your soul’s perspective. In this teaching, Jacque covers multiple dimensions of forgiveness: asking for it, offering it, receiving it, and withholding it. Also… forgiving as healthy selfishness, the mind-traps we get caught in, and a really useful menu of practical tips, reminders, and practices. Give yourself the gift of more spaciousness, freedom, and ease. Forgiveness works!

Soul Mates (PDF + MP3)
Looking for your soul mate? Wondering if you’ve already met? Or what happened? Jacque lays out a clear and surprisingly simple guide to sorting out your soul mate questions. And odds are, it’s not what you’d think. Or who you’d expect them to be! This teaching is easy, and super-useful, and it’ll save you invaluable amounts of time, effort, and heartache. It’s a shortcut to greater clarity, more mindful interactions, and a fast track to optimizing ALL of your soul mate relations. A must for spiritual students and curious souls alike.

Connecting With a Loved One Who Has Passed (MP3)
Many of us who have lost a loved one have moments when we long to connect with them. Often there are loose threads, things unsaid, and questions never asked, or answered. We can’t bring them back – but we can continue the connection. And we can find ways to communicate. In this teaching, Jacque lays out some simple steps you can take to reach out to your dearly departed. And she helps you recognize when they are reaching out to you. Indeed, a continued connection is possible. And it’s a lot easier than you might think.

Money Karma (MP3)
This little primer on the energetics of money karma connects the way-big picture and our own individual, unique experiences. Jacque draws clear lines between money, partnership, past lives and common patterns. Accessible, practical, and actionable. Plus, there’s no math involved! (Know why? Because money is  never about money!) This is a fun, easy-to-digest, and very different way of looking at money…One you can’t afford to miss!


This is a 12-month program.
Total Investment: $7,140
- 2 Charge Card Options -

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Or, if you prefer - you're always welcome to send a check by mail.


About Jacquelyne

I have been energetically sensitive all my life. As a kid, I was always feeling, seeing and hearing things no one else did. This is my nature.

Chances are, since you found your way to reading this, it’s your nature as well. There’s a lot of us energetically sensitive people out in the world.


What does it mean, to be energetically sensitive?

Well, for starters, we pick up on the vast amount of psychic information that is in the collective vibrational network. We are tuned in and receiving… every day, all the time.


I began working in the healing arts way back, in 1987. When I started doing breathwork and energy work with clients, my intuition really opened up. It became obvious that utilizing my energetic sensitivity was key to my work and service.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about how to manage the many challenges that come with having such a high level of energetic sensitivity. As you’ve probably noticed, it can be really difficult to live with.

But it’s so worth it. Because that extreme sensitivity also comes with the potential for strong intuitive receptivity.

The vast majority of my clients are energetically sensitive women. My passion is helping them learn HOW to effectively manage the challenges and discover the benefits of being highly sensitive.

I help energetically sensitive women reduce energetic overwhelm and reduce psychic fatigue – so they can develop and refine their intuition, learn to trust their own inner wisdom, and feel tangible spiritual support in their daily lives.

I’ve been a full-time professional intuitive and spiritual coach for over 30 years, and have recorded over 33,000 intuitive readings. The vast majority of my clients have found me by word-of-mouth referral. I believe the reason this ministry has been so enduring is that I provide spiritual support that is innately empowering and very practical.

If you are looking for an intuitive coach with decades of experience, and if you feel resonance with me…  I wholeheartedly invite you to enroll in this program.  

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