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Nurturing Your Sacred Intuition

a deep-dive program for energetically sensitive women

This program gives YOU the ability to…

  • Reduce Energetic Overwhelm

  • Alleviate Psychic Fatigue

  • Enhance the Quality & Quantity of Your Intuition

Includes LIVE Group Coaching with me EVERY WEEK. The entire program is self-paced, so you can go as fast or slow as you want. There are 29 Lessons grouped into 12 Learning Modules. Step-by-step, we’ll explore how energetic sensitivity works, and how you can make the most of yours. This is deep, empowering, and very practical learning. Plus you'll get personal feedback and coaching from me the whole way through.

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Over the course of 9 months* you will:

  • Learn the GIFTS and BLESSINGS of your sensitivity – and how your unique mix of sensitivities impact your intuition and psychic abilities.

  • DEVELOP YOUR INNER RESOURCES so you can do proper self-care whenever you feel triggered, challenged, or overwhelmed.

  • Learn HOW to clean and mend your energy bodies so you can walk in the world with better boundaries intact.

  • Receive LOTS of tools & practices you can use to navigate out in the world as an energetically sensitive person.

* If you do one lesson per week this program lasts 9 months. But you may want to take longer. If you do need more time, we can work that out. The main thing is that you get the full benefit and deeply embodied learning, step-by-step.


What Women In the Program Are Saying

"If you are interested in knowing yourself better and putting the pieces together of your true nature, well then, this program is for you. It's easy to follow, and filled with helpful exercises to open the inner knowing that we all possess. Words cannot express my gratitude in finding Jacquelyne, this program, and the like-minded individuals that took this class with me."

J. C.

Especially for women who:
> Want to deepen their own psychic pathways and intuitive abilities
> Need ways to navigate with greater ease in this noisy, insensitive

> Feel challenged by ENERGETIC OVERWHELM and PSYCHIC FATIGUE Energetic overwhelm is one of the primary issues energetically sensitive people face. That's because our nervous systems can easily get over-amped. We are more strongly impacted than others by images, sounds, scents, chemicals, you name it. Energetic overwhelm is when we feel totally bombarded... too much light, too much sound, too many emotions (our own or others), too many ideas... TOO MUCH!!! Psychic fatigue is the other major issue we face. It's a bit different than physical, mental or psychological fatigue. It's what happens to us when we have too much coming at us FROM OTHER PEOPLE. We who are highly sensitive get a little drift off of everyone we come into contact with. We get a taste of their thoughts and feelings, a glimpse of their fears and obsessions, perhaps even a whiff of their addictions and their memories. Many of us know it - and even those who do not know what is happening are impacted by it.